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Be inspired to create a greener, smarter and healthier urban environment. Learn, create, share and celebrate my passion for food culture, urban gardens and the internet of things.

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Urban Gardens are the heart of our cities

Environmental HEALTH

Urban heat island effect, floods, air and noise pollution are treats to our cities and urban habitats. Urban green Infrastructure help mitigating these climate events.

Human Wellbeing

Birds singing, flowers popping out, trees dancing in the wind, urban parks and green spaces are the best place to relax and exercise in cities.

Landscape Architecture

Parks and gardens have a long tradition in cities and have been carefully planned and designed by landscape architects. They are spaces where human, nature and science meet each other.

About Me

Hello World.

I'm Aude, a food scientist and vertical farming engineer. I use data science to gain insights into our food culture and employ digital media to inspire healthy living. I am passionate by electronics and programming and am dedicated to collaborating with urban planners, landscape architects and hobbyist farmers to improve the health and connectivity of cities gardens.
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What I do

Cooking, Creating, Coding

Food Data Science

I employ data science techniques to investigate food trends and traditions. I explore culinary culture, creating and developing food recipes with spices and ingredients from all over the world.

Cities Gardens

I analyse the planning, development and management of green infrastructure projects. I research the use of digital technologies and adoption of smart devices in urban gardens and green spaces.

DIY Electronics

I play with microcontrollers, sensors and electric devices to create fun and easy-to-use electronics projects. I create videos and share tips and tricks to help you start with digital making.


London, England