Take a look at my journey!
BSc. Food Science

I joined ETH Zurich to learn about human health, food engineering and agricultural systems. ETH Zurich taught me the think outside the box to solve problems and tackle challenges!

MSc. Smart Cities

I joined CASA to research how connected sensors, spatial models and network dynamics could help cities to become greener, and so provide healthy food to urban population.

2019 - 2020
Data Analyst

I worked on FReSH protein pathway white paper, analysing models and quantifying environmental impact to guide the transformation of the protein sectors for businesses and industries.

2020 - Now
Independent Research

Passionate by cities, technology and nature, I research how best deploy outdoor electronics to improve the use, health and management of urban gardens and cities' green infrastructure.

2020 - Now
IoT Engineer

Integrating sensors, microcontrollers and electric devices, I work with mechanical engineers and plant scientists to automate vertical farming systems and optimise plant growth stages.

About me

Growing up in Switzerland, I developed my passion for the natural world and my enthusiasm for technological innovation.

Visiting EPFL’s open doors and the Alimentarium Museum, I was fascinated by the creativity of engineers. Sliding down a mountain, eating milk chocolate and watching boats sailing on the Lake seem to be so natural, and at the same time required design, research and innovation. Exploring the continuous changing landscape of my country, I questioned how humans and nature could live in harmony.

My academic and professional journey strengthened my knowledge of human health, cities science, and electronics engineering. Combining these core technical skills, I strive to address the environmental and educational challenges that urban dwellers are facing. I believe, the integration of IoT devices into urban green spaces, will support local food production by allowing better management of urban gardens, encourage citizens digital literacy by giving them platform to interact with their natural surroundings and assist urban nature researchers by sensing the various flora and fauna.

My path has continuously nourished my curiosity for science and gave me the opportunity to explore new domains. I had the change to meet passionate and inspiring people that encourage me to explore new domains. I look forward to sharing and discussing my research and projects with others, with the hope to motivate, teach and inspire for greener, healthier and sustainable cities.

Explorative Collaborations

[January] Created seasonal food recipe for sustainable fashion brand GungHo London.
[Coming] Work on Electronic projects videos for automated outdoor gardening.


[January] Publication of the WBCSD Protein Pathway White Paper - Accelerating sustainable food system transformation through business innovation
[March] Created Nature and Sport Map projects for Bring Your Own Map #BYOM initiative with Vishal Kumar
[June] Started working at Vertical Future
[December] Interviewed for the "Tech for Good" series by Welcome to the Jungle.


[March] Started an online blog series Analysing Food Culture using Social Media data.
[April] Facilitated The Alan Turing Institute Data Study Group Spend Network. Report
[September] Presented MSc. Thesis at the Consumer Data Research Center (CDRC) DUG conference.
[December] Participated to The Alan Turing Institute Data Study Group The National Archives. Report


London, England